Sacral Chakra Healing

Coming Home To Yourself

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In-Person Sessions
  • In my sacred healing space on Koh Phangan (Thailand) or in Bussum (NL)
  • More physically feeling my presence
  • Healing sessions on a massage table fully dressed
Video Call Sessions
  • Via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime
  • From the comfort of your own home
  • Channeled healing report

Client Love

4 May 2016: “Catherine heeft mij in een moeilijke periode bijgestaan en mij totaal in balans gekregen. Ze heeft onzettend veel kracht en energie welke zij goed weet over te brengen. Iemand waar je op je gemak bent. Als zij weer in Nederland is dan zal ik haar zeker weer bezoeken!”
Suzanne Paap

Management Assistant

English translation: 4 May 2016: “Catherine has supported me during a difficult period and she got me completely back into balance. She has a lot of power and energy, which she knows to transfer to you very well. She is someone with whom you feel at ease. When she is back in the Netherlands, I will certainly visit her again.”
Suzanne Paap

Assistant Manager

6 March 2017: (Regarding her own sessions and the one to her 5 year old son) “With a gentle touch, Catherine works at a very deep level and you can’t even imagine the profoundness of it. Her specialty is to get you firmly in your own grounding again, sorting out and clearing the old stuff that’s no longer needed. She works on a personal level or, if your business needs more grounding too, she’s the one. (At this moment she works at distance, as she is currently living in Thailand (which makes no difference in effectivity of her treatment actually)). After her session, I got my son ‘back’ and even better: he is now more than ever the most happy, positive, gentle kid. I feel such a relief with him, he has dropped a lot of ‘baggage’ and is the most radiant kid ever.”
Roos Nauta

Former business owner of Frecious Slow Juices

20 September 2017: “After a decade of high-stress engineering consulting, I was burned out and over-anxious. All of usual methods and therapies didn’t help. Then I met Catherine. She understood the stresses of the corporate world, because she’s worked there. That’s why her logical, “left-brain” strategies, combined with her intuitive energy healing just worked. Catherine helped me recover, get my energy back, and open me to a more peaceful way of being. I’m forever grateful, and would definitely recommend working with her.”
Christopher Zabaneh

Independent Consultant Engineering & Public Speaking

Disclaimer Energy Healing sessions are not to be used instead of treatment by a conventionally trained medical doctor. Energy Healing works complimentary to conventional medicine. It can help alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process. In cases of physical discomfort, it is essential to consult your medical doctor and I will always advise you to do this.  It is my policy not to work with clients with a serious medical condition who do not wish to seek conventional medical treatment.  I do not cure, diagnose or offer medical treatment of any kind.  All the holistic therapies I offer are compatible with conventional medical treatment.