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What is Energy Healing?

Giving a healing session is nothing short of a divine experience. It is indeed other-worldly. It is an experience of being surrounded by Beings of Light who assist in the healing process in a totally loving and accepting atmosphere.

Is this real?

It takes time for many a western mind to accept the possibility of this being true and real. It took my rational lawyer’s mind years to understand and accept what my intuitive consciousness understood straight away. The mind has no control over what happens in a healing. The rational mind has to experience, allow and accept this phenomenon.

Having had my own mind compromised by my illness for all those years I know all too well how important this aspect of us is.  We need it for organising our lives, for analyzing and thinking. Life, however, has a further divine dimension, which the mind cannot understand. This aspect of our humanity has to be understood from our heart. I think it is very important to live our lives guided by our heart, with our mind as executing servant. Otherwise, we miss so much of what life is really about.

What happens in a Healing Session?

In a healing session, I channel healing energies to the client, while they are flooding through me as well.

The result of experiencing these wonderful energies is an expanded state of awareness, full of love and inner harmony. This is a space in which things fall back into their right order, both within and without. The heart becomes more coherent, and you gain a deeper connection to your own inner core, The mind is quietened and the body relaxed.

Practically: what do I do, what do you do?

When you come for a session, we first have a talk about what is going on for you and what you would like to work on.

In-person sessions: you then lie down on a massage table or a mattras on the floor with your clothes on. I say a prayer, call in the highest and purest energies to assist in the session and start the healing work. I may lay my hands on your body or work in your energy field above the body. My hands become warm.
Meanwhile, you just relax, focus on your breathing or on the music or on nothing at all. A healing session is very pleasant and comforting to experience. Pretty soon, when the energies start to work, you will drift away in a half-sleep state, aware, but deeply relaxed.

Long Distance Healing: same thing, we end the internet connection, you lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the healing. I sit down in meditation, connect with you energetically, say my prayer and start the session as if I were holding my hands above your body. Afterwards I will send you a detailed report about what occurred during the session and any channeled information I received. (See also the longer explanation about Long Distance Healing below)

What are the effects of Energy Healing?

Energy Healing sessions are deeply relaxing and provide immediate relief from the symptoms of stress in your body and mind. Often clients sleep deeply the night after a session. Energy Healing sessions work on physical, emotional and mental levels. Your body heals faster, emotionally you feel happier and lighter, and your thoughts become more positive.

So, what’s actually happening during your session?  You have a subtle energy field that both surrounds and penetrates your body. Your energy field is like a personal diary of life’s experiences, and it holds energetic frequencies from your childhood, it stores your emotions and thoughts, and it holds your psychological make up. We all habitually run our energy in a certain way  – this may be working well for us, or it may be that it is time to upgrade the way your energies run to align with a higher way of living.

We now know that any kind of distortion, tear, break or blockage in the energy field, will eventually lead to a physical or psychological problem. In the beginning, you will get tired more easily, you’ll feel stressed, and the aspects of your life where the energetic blockages are will not work so well. The longer the blockages are in place, longer that area of your physical, mental and emotional self will be deprived of vital life force. This can cause physical disease and severe mental and emotional dis-ease, disconnection with the people you love and disconnection from aspects of yourself.

A trained energy healer uses their high sense perception – a heightened awareness of our normal senses – to track health and illness, balance and imbalance within the energy field. Someone who is healthy will have a strong and flexible energy field shining with bright colours. Someone who is ill, has a weakened energy field which is out of sync in one or more places. For example, there will be dark clogs of energy surrounding certain organs or within the chakras.

During a healing session, your energy field will be charged and cleared, repaired and brought back to balance. This will make you feel more in sync with yourself. Your energy will run smoother, your emotions will be more balanced and positive, your thoughts will become clearer and your physical body will heal faster. Further deeper work can then restore your connection to deeper parts of yourself and of the people you love.

In my healing work, I place a particular emphasis on this deep restoration, bringing you back into a true and profound connection with your inner self, so that you can better hear your own inner voice. When you connect once more with your own inner light and allow yourself to be guided from that place, you can create a more deeply fulfilling life experience for yourself.

Energy Healing works alongside conventional medical treatment, and is never a replacement. It can alleviate symptoms and help your body heal faster, but in case of physical discomfort and illness, you must always seek medical advice.  I do not diagnose or offer medical treatment of any kind.


Video Call Sessions

  • Via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime
  • From the comfort of your own home
  • Channeled healing report


In-Person Sessions

  • In my sacred healing space in Bussum
  • More physically feeling my presence
  • Healing sessions on a massage table fully dressed

Information for
all clients

What can you expect in a session with me?

When you come to me for a healing session (online or in-person), I am holding an open space with no judgment. This is your time for healing yourself.

I have no set plan for your healing journey, as I know that deep within you, you know best what you need. It is that place, that I am reconnecting you with during the session. Whatever else happens, regarding clearing blockages and channeling new energies into your energy system, is being guided from that place. It is impossible for me to force the process.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, a healing session can be a magical experience where you experience lights and colours and harmonious energies filling your body, or maybe you will feel a deeply relaxing experience, while the energies are healing your body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  The quality of the healing is the same, regardless of what you experience.

Come experience for yourself!

What is my view on coaching?

To me, coaching is the process of inspiring someone to be the best that they can be. It is also walking next to someone who is aiming to achieve a certain goal. Helping them to stay accountable and reflect back the choices they are making.

I use coaching in combination with energy healing. First we will discuss the life issues you wish to transform, then we do a healing. In this way, I can assist you best in your transformation process.

How do I conduct Long Distance Healings?

In a long distance healing, we will first have video call contact to discuss what is going on and what you would like to work on. Then we end the video call and you lie down in a comfortable place, like your bed or a sofa, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the healing. I will sit down in meditation and will connect with you energetically.

Once the connection has been established, I will start the healing session exactly as I do in an in-person session. I start with a prayer for your well-being and for the highest most beneficial energies for you to assist during the session. Then I will let myself be guided by the process, clearing out clogged energies, do some grounding work, unblocking your chakras, adding beneficial energies, whatever is necessary.

Most people I work with feel the energies quite strongly. They often get sleepy or go into a trance-like state, just as they would in an in-person session and also by the effects of the energy work afterwards. When I have finished, I will send you a written report of what occurred during the session and usually some channeled information I received. My clients value these reports and find them very helpful support in their process.

How often 'should' you come?

There is no should! How often you receive healing is entirely what feels right to you. Some people want a one-time experience of a healing or perhaps they only need one healing to advance further by themselves. This is totally fine.

However, if you are serious about transforming your life and well-being then I would recommend that you invest in a series of healings. As with going to a physiotherapist, usually, one session is not enough. As a start, I would advise 3 healing sessions with 1-2 weeks in between each session. I have a special new client package, complete with an extra bonus, which will get you off to an excellent start on your healing path.

Later, you can decide to do a series of five sessions, to bring about deeper change.

What are the costs?

Coaching & Healing Sessions:
– 60-minute session – EUR 100
– 90-minute session – EUR 150

Special Packages
New Client Package:
3 healing sessions for EUR 350 (1x 90-minute, 2x 60-minute sessions) with BONUS:
– Personal Bach Flower Remedy composed of a combination of remedies specific for your situation (Bach Flower Remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by releasing negative emotions such as worry, fear, anger etc. which interfere with the equilibrium of your being as a whole)

Transformation Package:
5 healing sessions for EUR 750 (1x 90-minute, 4x 60-minute sessions) with BONUSES:
1. In-depth analysis of how your personal issue is showing up energetically in your field
2. Aura-Soma Colour reading including one Equilibrium 50 ml Bottle (Aura Soma Colour Care System is a potent tool for self-discovery and transformation)

My qualifications

I have broad qualifications in Energy Healing. I became a Reiki Master at 25. I followed a 4-year in-depth Energy Healing training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Austria. I have numerous certificates of Energy Healing workshops I attended. For more detailed information see my About-page.

Client Love

4 May 2016:

“Catherine heeft mij in een moeilijke periode bijgestaan en mij totaal in balans gekregen. Ze heeft onzettend veel kracht en energie welke zij goed weet over te brengen. Iemand waar je op je gemak bent. Als zij weer in Nederland is dan zal ik haar zeker weer bezoeken!”

Suzanne Paap

Management Assistant

English translation:

4 May 2016:

“Catherine has supported me during a difficult period and she got me completely back into balance. She has a lot of power and energy, which she knows to transfer to you very well. She is someone with whom you feel at ease. When she is back in the Netherlands, I will certainly visit her again.”

Suzanne Paap

Assistant Manager

6 March 2017:

(Regarding her own sessions and the one to her 5 year old son)

“With a gentle touch, Catherine works at a very deep level and you can’t even imagine the profoundness of it.
Her specialty is to get you firmly in your own grounding again, sorting out and clearing the old stuff that’s no longer needed.
She works on a personal level or, if your business needs more grounding too, she’s the one. (At this moment she works at distance, as she is currently living in Thailand (which makes no difference in effectivity of her treatment actually)).

After her session, I got my son ‘back’ and even better: he is now more than ever the most happy, positive, gentle kid. I feel such a relief with him, he has dropped a lot of ‘baggage’ and is the most radiant kid ever.”

Roos Nauta

Former business owner of Frecious Slow Juices

20 September 2017:

“After a decade of high-stress engineering consulting, I was burned out and over-anxious. All of usual methods and therapies didn’t help.

Then I met Catherine. She understood the stresses of the corporate world, because she’s worked there. That’s why her logical, “left-brain” strategies, combined with her intuitive energy healing just worked. Catherine helped me recover, get my energy back, and open me to a more peaceful way of being. I’m forever grateful, and would definitely recommend working with her.”

Christopher Zabaneh

Independent Consultant Engineering & Public Speaking


Energy Healing sessions are not to be used instead of treatment by a conventionally trained medical doctor. Energy Healing works complimentary to conventional medicine. It can help alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process. In cases of physical discomfort, it is essential to consult your medical doctor and I will always advise you to do this.  It is my policy not to work with clients with a serious medical condition who do not wish to seek conventional medical treatment.  I do not cure, diagnose or offer medical treatment of any kind.  All the holistic therapies I offer are compatible with conventional medical treatment.