Human Design Reading


Human Design was brought into the world by Ra Uru Hu in 1987. Ra Uru Hu was a Canadian who lived as a hermit on Ibiza for years, before he had a mystical experience, an encounter with The Voice, who channeled him a lot of esoteric information, amongst which the Human Design system.

After the encounter with the Voice, Ra Uru Hu experimented for 5 years with the information to see if it had any validity. After that he started teaching about it and it was found to be very helpful for many people.

The Human Design system is a synthesis of 4 ancient mystical systems:

  • Astrology
  • I-Ching
  • Kabbalah
  • Chakra system

Sometimes Human Design is called ‘the new astrology’.

At its core the HD is a system for self-awareness and self-growth. It is a user manual how to live authentically. It consists of different parts that together create your unique genetic blueprint. Each of these parts tell you something about your unique assets, your authentic self and who you are at your deepest level beyond any layers of conditioning.


Human Design is one of the most powerful spiritual tools existent. There are many uses for it, but ultimately it is for:

  • Personal Growth
  • Learning how to navigate your life with ease, alignment and flow

When you can learn how to make decisions from your most authentic self, the way you/your aura is designed, you will experience a lot less resistance, exhaustion, and stress.

You will feel more confident with who you are and what you came in this world to do.


2019 was a year in which about everything that I undertook failed. And I could not understand why: I had been trying my best and working so hard. I lost a lot of money and felt devastated.

I prayed for an answer and then met Human Design. When studying it, I started to see clearly that I had been taking decisions not in line with my Authority. I had actually gone straight against my energy’s wisdom. I had been taking decisions from the mind and from deep old conditionings.

Since experimenting with the clear guidance of my Strategy & Authority. I feel much more confident, and flow with more ease and relaxation through my life. With less input, I have more success.

Human Design also gives me deep insight into relationship dynamic. When I started investigating the charts of friends and family, I started to more deeply understand them and why we interact the way we do. It makes me appreciate their uniqueness and understand their limitations.


Via Zoom Video Call.


A foundational reading takes about 1,5 hours and includes a 30p. written report.

The costs are EUR 125.



After the foundational reading you can receive further coaching on the basis of your Human Design Chart for the same price.