Sessions for Children

For children I do Long Distance Sessions, preferably in the evening when they are in bed. In my experience this works better for children than having them in my practice. When they are at rest and in bed, I connect to the child on a different level (soul level), and they tend to be very open and even quite talkative about what is going on for them.

At the time of the healing, I sit down in meditation pose in my healing practice and tune into the child. I then give the child a long distance healing (energy work knows no time nor distance), while I listen to the message the (soul of the) child conveys to me. The child benefits from the energetic clearing and charging of their field. Energies which had been bothering them will be lifted from there system and they feel relieved and lighter. It also helps them to overcome physical ailments.

Moreover, children are often wrestling with big questions, but they are too young to express what is going on within them. Without my need to see the child, I can listen to their internal struggles and clarify to the parents what their child is dealing with on a deeper level.

After I have given the healing to the child, I write a report of the healing to the parents. Most of this contains channeled information from the child. Parents tend to value these reports very much as they often confirm and clarify on a deeper level, what the parents had intuitively been guessing.

Costs are EUR 60 (0y-11y) or EUR 100 (12y-17y) for a 1 hour session including healing report. Please contact me for more details and any questions you may have: +31-6-28671647 or


Energy Healing sessions are not to be used instead of treatment by a conventionally trained medical doctor. Energy Healing works complimentary to conventional medicine. It can help alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process. In cases of physical discomfort, it is essential to consult your medical doctor and I will always advise you to do this.  It is my policy not to work with clients with a serious medical condition who do not wish to seek conventional medical treatment.  I do not cure, diagnose or offer medical treatment of any kind.  All the holistic therapies I offer are compatible with conventional medical treatment.