Passion for Energy Healing

Subtle energies have been a life-long passion for me. Your own auric field and the sea of energies we ‘swim’ in are, albeit subtle, immensely powerful if you know how to work with them.

I started studying the world of energies when I was a child. I studied energy healing alongside my career in Law, becoming a Reiki Master at the age of 25. In my 30s, I studied for 4 years at the renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing. From 2015 to 2021, I traveled & lived most of the time in Asia (Thailand, Bali, India) to immerse myself deeply in yoga and meditation training.

Studying Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation and giving many Energy Healing & Reading sessions transformed me into the person I am today. I have been able to let go of so much fear and anger, so many inner blocks and so much self-sabotage. I feel incredibly light, freer and stronger than when I was 20.

Moreover, working with energy helped me to reconnect deeply to my soul, my inner core. Being firmly connected to this place deep inside is a source of inner happiness and trust. Waves of creative energies emerge from this place, making it possible for me to express myself more as a unique individual, which feels incredibly fulfilling. All in all, energy work has completely transformed my world filling it with light and colour.


Working Experience Healing & Mindfulness


Reiki Training, Long Distance Energy Reading & Healing Sessions on Koh Phangan (Thailand), on Ibiza and in the Netherlands
2014-today Mindfulness Training to Groups and Individuals
2011- 2015 Energy Healing Practice (1:1 Sessions) in the Netherlands
Assistant Brennan Healing Science Workshop


Training in Energy Healing

In my life, I trained extensively in Energy Healing, Yoga & Meditation:


2018- 2021 Vipassana retreats in Thailand, continuing Yoga Training, Training in Energy Healing with Jeffrey Allen & Anodea Judith
2016- 2017 Thailand, 2 months Vipassana at Wat Chom Tong, Wat Tam Wua, Wat Suan Mokkh, Wat Kow Tahm  & Yoga Training
2015 Thailand, Bali & India, Yoga & Meditation Training; Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training
2013 Mindfulness Trainer, See True Training, Netherlands & Vipassana Dipabhavan, Thailand
2012 Bach Flower Remedies Training
2011 Theta Healing Level 1 and 2
2009 Aura Soma Course Level 1 and 2
2008- 2012 Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe 4 year training
2003 Reiki Master
2002 Reiki Practitioner
1999 Louise Hay Affirmation Work
1996 Silva Mind Control
1990 Starting Passion for Metaphysical Books at 13y
  • I have an immense passion for living
  • I am always in search of a deeper truth
  • I love to meditate with people
  • I love company and laughter in a setting where all is welcome


  • I dream of a world which is peaceful, creative and loving
  • I love working towards this dream
  • I have a weak spot for chocolate
  • I am incredibly fond of children & animals