Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

My heart breaks when I look around in the world and see confused or over-burdened empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs). So many of them are only just coping, while they should be shining with their inner kindness and beauty. 

That is my reason for creating this platform to help Empaths and HSPs realign with their soul purpose, learn how to clear out and protect their energetic space and to thrive and shine and become the new leaders of tomorrow.

My method to achieve this is to teach about Reiki and Energy Healing. Let me explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

Who: Was Designed for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) who are looking to shine and thrive and live their soul purpose

The method of teaching Reiki Energy Healing is excellent to help you get back into alignment with your soul. It helps to calm you down, to hear your inner voice better and thus to be able to adjust your life according to your inner guidance. 

This will result in knowing more clearly which people and activities are suitable for you and which to pass by or let go off. With that improved inner clarity, you will have more energy available to do the things that are important to you.

Why: I am passionate about helping people transition more easily to the different energetic reality we are living in, in the Aquarian Age.

Since 2012, we are living in the Aquarian age. Times are changing very fast, and we all urgently need to learn to go with the flow. We need to learn to live life differently than before, as the energies we are ‘swimming in’ have a very different effect on us. We cannot continue living as we did, from the mind. We need to learn to get out of our heads and into the body.

In these changing times, empaths and HSPs must be the leaders guiding the rest, as they are more aware of the new energies. It is easier for them to adjust to these modern times. However, they can only guide well when they stand firm within themselves. 

How: Through Teaching Reiki & Energy Healing

Therefore, I enjoy connecting Empaths and HSPs to Reiki healing energy so that they can start healing themselves. With this, I mean: coming into balance within themselves and learning how to stay on a high vibrational level. 

I am adamant about teaching techniques on how to clear out lower frequency energies from your energy field and how to energetically protect yourself from harmful outside influences.  

Of course, life should also be fun and playful. Healing crystals, conversations with your guides and invoking the help of loving angels make life easier and beautiful and precious. 

These are genuinely new times, and I am excited to help guide you to make the transition we are in as smoothly as possible.